GurneyGoo 85 ml

4 Tubes $69.90

GurneyGoo 85 ml

3 Tubes $54.90

"I recently competed in the World's Toughest Mudder 2014 in Las Vegas and I was extremely impressed with Gurney Goo!  I applied liberal amounts to chafing areas and feet two times prior to start of event.  I intended to re-apply during event, but never felt like I needed to.  Amazingly, despite nearly 20 hours of heat, cold, water, mud, wetsuits etc I had NO CHAFING whatsoever!  I highly recommend Gurney Goo."

Todd Winters

did you Ever go faster with chafe or a blister?

GurneyGoo helps prevent chafe, blisters, rash, and stays on all day! Running, hiking, Tough Mudders, Spartan Racing, pitching (yes baseball), marathons, ultra marathons, cycling, whatever punishment you are putting your body through GurneyGoo is a must have take along. 

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GurneyGoo 85 ml

2 Tubes $37.80

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GurneyGoo 85 ml Tubes - Scuffed stuff on sale!!

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GurneyGoo 85 ml

1 Tube $19.90

Hi!  My Dad and I just came back from the G2G Ultra in the Grand Canyon.  We wanted to tell you that the Gurney Goo was amazing. 

I'm someone who normally gets blisters on my feet and toes, and I just completed 170 miles on sandy and rocky terrain without a single blister.  It's quite unbelievable really. 

I followed the instructions - apply the night before and again in the morning, and it worked incredibly well. 

We feared that the sand would get in and stick to the goo, causing problems - although the sand got into our socks, it made no difference to the effectiveness of the goo.

So - thank you for developing such an excellent product that really works.

Daniel and John Bonallack

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...we thought we just HAD to write and tell you about our fabulous experiences with your goo.

Yesterday four of us did the Coastrek, a 50km charity trek, in the pouring rain. We literally trudged along for 12 hours in soaking shoes.

Our feet looked as good as new at the end, and we had no sore spots in any other high friction areas either.

Gurney Goo, we love you...

Tatiana Lowe, Red Hot Chilli Trekkers, NSW, Australia