Scuffed GurneyGoo 85 ml

4 Tubes $56.95

Scuffed GurneyGoo 85 ml

1 Tube $14.90

GurneyGoo Anti chafe & Anti blister

This stuff works, it stays on for a long time, in the wet, in the cold, in the mud.

GurneyGoo 85 ml Tubes - Scuffed stuff on sale!!

A limited number of old logo tubes and new logo tubes, scuffed and scratch tubes after been carefully transported by airlines to various events! All tubes are new with security health seals in place. 

Only available directly from this page purchased using PayPal. USA free shipping only. 

Balance Massage Balm 50 ml


Scuffed GurneyGoo 85 ml

2 Tubes $28.50

Scuffed GurneyGoo 85 ml

3 Tubes $41.95